Full Advantage

the full advantage

The Full Advantage is a new nostalgia-class exploration vessel. What it lacks in good looks it makes up for in versatility, the best weapon in any explorer‘s arsenal. (When Alex gets annoyed by comments about his ship‘s looks, he says “which would you rather have when stranded on an alien planet - a lovely ceremonial dagger or a Swiss knife?“, but I digress) Being an AI mind, she follows her own callings to some degree, but fortunately she loves nothing better than exploring. Better yet, she can be relied on to figure the way out of most sticky situations, and has always been a loyal friend to Brad & Alex.

She has two separate propulsion systems; a conventional fusion drive for relativistic (up to 20% the speed of light) speeds, and a dark matter drive for the subway.

As a first-rate exploration vessel, she has pretty much every capability a ship can have; AI mind, sophisticated sensor arrays, multiple labs, even a shield and weapons.