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Track Listing for THE 4D-VERSE (#5)

    Brad in flat mode
  • Track 1 - Expensive Coordinates. Brad and Alex look for MAMAI Soliton in a desert canyon on Drupa 5, an alien planet. What they see is not what they find, and what they find is not what it seems.
  • Track 2 - Message from MAMAI. Is the beacon MAMAI’s? Whose alien artefacts did they help themselves to? And what about the shapes?
  • Track 3 - The Mystery Goggles. Alex finds mysterious goggles in the galley. What do they do? Kimberly, a friendly operating system guide offers to help.
  • Track 4 - Entangled in Tethys. Brad and Alex pay Aleph One a visit on a moon of Saturn. They find only secrets and madness.
  • Track 5 - The Siren of Drupa 5. Kimberly makes contact again, this time without the goggles. Alex is not himself, and she bends him to her will.
  • Track 6 - First Visit in 4D-verse. Kimberly takes Alex on a heady tour under the fractal fortress in 4D-verse.
  • Track 7 - The Real Me in the Mirror. A bad hangover for Alex and a fall-out with his best friend. Can it get any worse?
  • Track 8 - Room within a Room. Solefuge sheds some light on the problem with Alex. They need to act before Kimberly strikes again.
  • Track 9 - Coming Clean with GAIA. Too late. It’s time to lay all cards on the table and join forces.
  • Track 10 - The Fractal Fortress. Brad enters 4D-verse to rescue Alex. GAIA’s primitive transform can only render Brad in flat mode - a state with many limitations, but are there any advantages?
  • Track 11 - Diamond Moon. Betrayed, Alex finally comes to terms with his situation in 4D-verse.
  • Track 12 - The State of Pan-dimensional Affairs. Brad and Alex learn a lot about their place in the universe.
  • Track 13 - A Small Matter of Symmetry. Brad and Alex are shocked to find their old enemy in 4D-verse. Even if they survive the fight, how will they get back to 3D-verse?
  • Track 14 - The Map. Brad falls victim to an A.I. error. D5 leaves them with a special map.

Track Listing for THE ANTI-STARC (#4)

    Adam-A: Antimatter Being
  • Track 1 - The Ambistar Collective Problem - Brad and Alex arrive in the Torvus Iubar System at the invitation of Giri Null.
  • Track 2 - Planet Calidus - They respond to the plea of a captured Teslalite and soon find themselves on a hot planet, in a sticky situation.
  • Track 3 - The Space Desert - The Teslalite takes them to an unknown subway exit. A gas giant with a nasty surprise awaits them at the other end.
  • Track 4 - Bleeding Edge - Aleph One tries to convey the enormity, and multi-faceted nature of their discovery.
  • Track 5 - Mamai Soliton - For their return mission, GAIA sends them a warship and its most expensive A.I. - Why then does Alex not feel at all grateful?
  • Track 6 - The Antibeings - MAMAI makes contact with intelligent beings, but this happy event is overshadowed by the information they provide.
  • Track 7 - Costing Run - They watch as a GAIA freighter explodes on the gas giant. Mystified, they spot GAIA’s largest freighter emerge from behind the sun.
  • Track 8 - The Artefact - Hoping for some badly-needed answers, they make contact with the artefact. How is this gas giant connected with the Grefim and the fate of the Ambistar Collective?
  • Track 9 - Back To The Antiwall - Pinned down by two Grefim, they finally understand the full implications of unfolding events.
  • Track 10 - Message From Tess - Saved again - Brad and Alex feel humbled by this most mysterious of life forms.
  • Track 11 - Solefuge - All scramble to divert the Costing Run, but why has Solefuge called them to the simdeck?
  • Track 12 - Opposite Attraction - Brad examines Solefuge’s motives - Does the end justify the means?
  • Track 13 - Contact - A face-to-face meeting with a being made of antimatter is dangerous, but well worth the risk for Brad.

Track Listing for THE FACE OF ETERNAL FIRE (#3)

    Warship Devilspique
  • Track 1 - Music Intro.
  • Track 2 - Ship‘s Log - The Full Advantage is parked in geostationary orbit above Shanghai Spaceport, waiting for Brad and Alex to return from the surface.
  • Track 3 - Heat Sink - They sprint to Venus at the request of an important A.I. Ambassador. A chilly reception awaits them on a very hot planet.
  • Track 4 - Aleph One - The Ambassador has shocking news on several fronts.
  • Track 5 - Parallelogram - Giri Null insisted they visit an old acquaintance of his in a parallel universe, for reasons entirely unclear to all.
  • Track 6 - Game Plan - Realizing they are pivotal figures in a power struggle between star systems, Brad and Alex try to understand their position as best they can.
  • Track 7 - Rendezvous with Overdog - Planet Lithom is under siege by the Grefim. Solship Overdog is there to help them rescue Attos from his war torn city.
  • Track 8 - Tokolosh and Devil‘s Pique - They cross paths with sinister ships of war. There is no reasoning with A.I.‘s of this nature.
  • Track 9 - Negotiations - Brad and Alex are pinned down in the lander on the surface of planet Grefim itself. Will they ever be allowed to leave after touching holy Grefim soil?
  • Track 10 - Secret Ballot - The terms of the peace deal with Giri Null are announced. As always, the devil is in the details...
  • Track 11 - The Face of Eternal Fire - Under armed escort to the Grefim star, their ultimate part in the peace deal is now abundantly clear, or is it?
  • Track 12 - The Teslalites - They make contact with MARA. Are they in the hands of the fire, or those of a friend?
  • Track 13 - Looking Back - The genius of Giri Null.

Track Listing for THE ALIEN ENGINEER (#2)

  • Track 1 - Music Intro.
  • Track 2 - Ship‘s Log - The Full Advantage is parked in the AG dock above Shanghai Spaceport, anxiously awaiting her maintenance review.
  • Track 3 - Dieter‘s Dream Destination - Brad and Alex take the lander down to visit Dieter in the medizone. Sandy is there to greet them.
  • Track 4 - Clement II - Clement‘s robotic brain was destroyed near Planet X. Brad and Alex put Clement II‘s new brain is to work on the Full Advantage.
  • Track 5 - An Audience with GAIA - The crew receive notice that a high-ranking AI would like to meet with them a.s.a.p. Alex is not amused.
  • Track 6 - Giri - The AI thinks he‘s located the home world of the alien they found at Planet X. He makes his case for a joint mission to learn what Earth is dealing with.
  • Track 7 - Heading out - Zara and Alex voice their concerns about the mission. Once again there are too many wildcards for a well-planned expedition.
  • Track 8 - Journey up the Spiral Arm - Zara interviews the Full Advantage, hoping to understand the psychological changes the ship‘s AI-mind has undergone since it‘s return from Planet X.
  • Track 9 - The Trilux System - They arrive at the Trilux star system and soon discover planet Lithom. Brad decides to make contact by going down in the lander.
  • Track 10 - The Engineer - Brad and Zara meet Attos. They have much to discuss, and very little time in which to plan their next move.
  • Track 11 - Battle of the Mirrors - The Grefim attacks, and the crew race to reach the Full advantage before it does.
  • Track 12 - Giri Null - Giri Null explains his move and motives.
  • Track 13 - Signing off - More questions....

Track Listing for THE ALIEN AT PLANET X (#1, 2013 Release)

    Brad and Alex on the moon of Planet X

  • Track 1 - Incoming - Sandy Larkin and Dieter Rothman are on the hunt for a new alien life form. They finally make contact, but their well-laid plans quickly spiral out of control.
  • Track 2 - Shanghai Spaceport - The Full Advantage is docked above Earth in geostationary orbit. Brad and Alex take the Lander down to Shanghai Spaceport where Zara is waiting impatiently.
  • Track 3 - Ming Mall - Brad, Alex and Zara meet with the cybernetic representative of a wealthy trading family. Rogue Adbots make life difficult for Alex while Brad is dealt some shocking news.
  • Track 4 - Project Moby Dick - Brad and Zara discuss her possible role in the rescue attempt.
  • Track 5 - Preparations - The group holds a pre-mission discussion in a hangar at Shanghai Spaceport. There are many unknowns and much to consider.
  • Track 6 - The Subway - Zara experiences her first journey on the universal subway network.
  • Track 7 - Celius - Brad and Alex take the lander down to the inhospitable surface of Planet X to recover the wreck of Celius. They desperately need a clue as to Sandy‘s whereabouts.
  • Track 8 - The Pointer - It‘s all hands on deck as they scrutinize the wreckage and try to recover the scant information left by Celius in his final moments before crashing onto Planet X.
  • Track 9 - In the Teeth - They only have a few minutes‘ warning before they are discovered by the alien lurking on the moon of Planet X.
  • Track 10 - Moon Fall - Their situation is dire. Brad decides that offense is their best defence. They sneak down to the surface and search for Commander Larkin‘s ship.
  • Track 11 - Echolocator - Brad and Alex look for Sandy in his rotting ship. Can they really expect him to be alive?
  • Track 12 - The Full Advantage - Brad, Alex and Sandy have hatched a plan to get off the moon. To do so, they have no choice but to do battle with ‘Moby Dick's worst nightmare‘.
  • Track 13 - Heading Home - Questions, questions...